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Watercolor paintings by Los Angeles artist Paul Pitsker...

I create sharply realistic watercolors in which narrative elements intertwine comedy, mystery, and looming disaster. My paintings are mock elegies that rely on humor or the intrinsic beauty of their subjects to relieve the tension of unexpected encounters and of contrived existential dramas. My goal is to create an atmosphere of disquiet and to capture a sense of the impenetrable strangeness and fragility of life.

Watercolor painting
Still, watercolor, 10 x 7 in.

Mixer, watercolor, 25 x 18 in.

Realistic watercolor
Dryer, watercolor, 25 x 18 in.

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WILDlife group show at Heather James Fine Art in Jackson, WY

"WILDlife playfully reinterprets the traditional notion of animal depictions in art by displaying conventional imagery with avant-garde portrayals of the creatures of nature. The exhibition parallels Heather James Fine Art’s program of presenting art from a wide-range of genres, movements and cultures by bringing together a diverse group of art and artists from cultural antiquities to modern and cutting-edge contemporary with works representative of the wildlife art genre..."   (more)

Heather James Fine Art
172 Center Street
Jackson, WY
(307) 200-6090

Ended September 30, 2011.
Some work still available.

Photorealistic watercolor...
Muffled, watercolor, 20 x 15 in.

Photo-realistic watercolor...
Chill, watercolor, 25 x 18 in.

Tilt, watercolor, 25 x 18 in.

Watercolor paintings
Small window, watercolor, 10 x 7 in.

Watercolor solo show
at Left Coast Galleries,
April 24 - May 25, 2010

Left Coast Galleries featured over twenty of my watercolors in the solo exhibition "Enigmas and Elegies." Taking on delicate subjects, both literally and figuratively, these paintings also apply the delicacy and transparency of watercolor to explore the effects of light through materials of varying translucence or reflected from unforgiving metal surfaces.

Left Coast Galleries
11734 Ventura Boulevard
Studio City, CA  91604     (map)

Hours: Tue - Sat 11 - 6, Sun 12 - 5

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Feature articles & magazine covers...

Watercolor, Spring 2009, pp. 54-61

Bootleg magazine cover
Bootleg Magazine cover, August 2008

District weekly cover
District Weekly cover, April 2, 2008

Tiger beetle conservation exhibit in Lincoln, Nebraska

I was pleased to be invited to participate in "Salt Creek Environment: Local and Endangered," an entomology/conservation-themed exhibit at the Haydon Gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska. The work of the 23 artists in this show feature the endangered salt creek tiger beetle, one of the rarest insects in the world. This predatory beetle, and the unique inland saline marsh in which it lives, is currently threatened by encroaching development and habitat degradation.

Curated by entomologist Tierney Brosius at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, the exhibit was funded in part by the Nebraska Environmental Trust, the Saline Wetland Partnership, and the Xerces Society.

Ended July 31, 2009

Read more about salt creek tiger beetles at


Contemporary watercolor
Spotted, watercolor, 20 x 15 in.

New paintings by a Los Angeles artist
Grounder, watercolor, 24 x 18 in.

Spirits Of Los Angeles at the L.A.
Municipal Gallery in Barnsdall Art Park

Curated by Los Angeles painter Raoul De la Sota, this exhibit brought together 14 L.A. artists who share a common interest in the unseen, and who explore, in varying degrees, the duality of a symbolic, non-material reality existing side by side with the contemporary urban experience. I contributed five works to this show -- three figurative oil paintings at the main gallery space at Barnsdall Art Park, and two additional works (including the watercolor to the left) that were exhibited in the Tom Bradley International Terminal at the Los Angeles Airport.

Los Angeles Municipal Gallery 
4800 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA

April 20, 2008

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More recent watercolors:
You are here at Bandini Art
in Culver City:   Nov 3 - Dec 8, 2007

Bandini Art Gallery in Culver City featured over a dozen of my recent works on paper in a two-person exhibit with assemblage artist Ashley McLean Emenegger.  Called You are here, this exhibit explored issues of presence, perspective, and impermanence. My contribution was a series of watercolors that combine fictional scenes of impending disaster with word play and dark humor.

With its growing lineup of new and established contemporary art galleries, Culver City has become an exciting new art destination -- a hot zone for contemporary art on the West Coast. Come see what's happening...

Bandini Art Gallery
Culver City, CA

December 8, 2007

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New works on paper by California artist Paul Pitsker...
Pinch, watercolor, 20 x 15 in.   See more...

New paintings by contemporary artist Paul Pitsker...
Erasing, watercolor, 10 x 7 in.

Recent works on paper
At Modern Masters Fine Art
in Palm Desert - November 2007

Several of my watercolor paintings were included in the winter Contemporary Realism show at Modern Masters Fine Art in Palm Desert, CA. Also featured were recent paintings by Braldt Bralds, Dan Griggs, and Michael Sokolis.

Modern Masters Fine Art
(Melissa Morgan Fine Art)
Palm Desert, CA
(760) 341-1056

December 8, 2007

You can read more about the hot contemporary art scene in Palm Desert here.

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